Arcana Restaurant x The honor code:

While stuck at home during Colorado’s Stay at Home order,  Fruits & Veggies Director Evan Grainger recieved a small grant from the Univeristy of Colorado Boulder to document the strife of local restaurants dealing with the novel pandemic. This grant came by way of our original treatment - The Honor Code. An effort on behalf of the production company to help stir the pot for local buisness during a time of need. We offered free of charge documentary work and reduced rates for projects bringing attention to acts of local goodness and charity.

Director’s statement: “I worked my way through college in restaurants and I’d even go so far as say that they were the most foundational piece of my young adulthood. To see such close friends and former employers struggling like this over the past year has been awful. These instituions are the life blood of my city. In documenting the efforts of a close group of friends, I hope I can shed some light on their story, humanize the issue and remind us all of the importance of the independent restaurant”.