Chloe Jane Tattoos: 

Chloe is an amazing friend and influential figure in our lives. She was also equally motivated to pursue a non-traditional approach to this project. Our visions alligned.

Ideating on Chloe, led to an intense fixation on memory and most importantly how it is fleeting. This was our universal human truth, the thread that connects film & tattoo and a medium for the preservation of memory. There isn’t a more visceral embodiment of this relationship than tattoo. Ink and skin, permanence. The ultimate retrieval effort.

For these reasons we wanted to make a short form documentary that was intensely intimate. A level of proximity that illuminates Chloe’s pursuit, and points towards the delicacy of the images her clients trust her with. This approach was spacey and atmospheric. Overstopped images with a loving degree of grain, lush greens, and warm yellows. The cinematic language that motivates us as filmmakers, and helps build meaning in otherwise insignificant moments. We find these events  contextualize the experience for the artist, the client, and hopefully any viewer as well. Enjoy.