We didn’t want to be a part of something
we didn’t want to be a part of.
so we made it.

This is a production company born in the age of disposable. Seekers of the essentials. The fruits and the veggies. The things your mom had always told you to eat. 

If you dig in the dirt, make sure to sow some seeds.

Because meaningful content isn’t grown overnight. It’s a process rooted in relationships, communication, and a desire to remain purposeful. Our goal is not only to solve problems, but to move people. Perhaps they are one in the same.

for those that are still hungry...

Or unsatiated by all prior attempts. You should know there exists a team of filmmakers who aim to nourish. To manifest, to elucidate, to tell a story. A group that provides the sustenance to go further. The building blocks for life, The Fruits & Veggies.