FIt Snack -
Brand Manifesto

Fit Snack™ first connected with us through a series of photo shoots and media packages. This soon led to us all wanting something more substantial - a brand manifesto.

We set out with a multiple storyline approach in hopes of conveying Fit Snack's demographic diversity. We pulled in a couple favors and rallied a few friends to put together a consecutive two day shoot. We used over five different locations during the course of this shoot, and six different subjects as talent. The edit and color came together through multiple rounds of revisions, experimenting with alternate shot order, and pushing color to bring out the most prominent tones of each unique athlete setting. 

Fit Snack is a great example of the services Fruits & Veggies has to offer a wide range of brands. This company manifesto is the product of a full-service creative effort on our behalf. This included drafting up multiple versons of Fit Snack’s highest order values in a poetic, and inspirational light. We love this type of work because we get to bring proejcts from seed to fully a realized videos.