Taylor Phinney x
The Davis Phinney Foundation:

Taylor Phinney is a former professional cyclist who resides in Boulder, CO. This video was made in effort to raise awarness for his father’s foundation for Parkinsons, and help spread Taylor’s story as well.

This project came by way of friendship and a shared love for bikes. Taylor Phinney recently left the Pro-Tour to pursue his art full time. His work ranges from larger canvas pieces to multimedia collage and lovingly chaotic sketches. He has an afinity for music and spinning the jamz. Taylor is an icon within this small world circle. He is the son of two olympians Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter - legends in their own right. And Taylor has, in recent years, become a recognizable intersection of character: athletic success, and endearing personality. As a group of Boulder raised filmmakers Taylor is also something of a hero. Our efforts then, were to document his newfound search for identity in a way that was as delicate as it was honest. 

Enter to win a Taylor Phinney Custom Painted Allied Cycleworks Able. Sign-up at www.Davisphinneyfoundation.org to be apart of this netwrok, make a contribution, and support this mission. everyone who signs up will be eligible for the chance to win the bike custom painted by taylor Phinney inspired by his dad’s journey and everyone’s journey to find themselves and live their best lives.